We love our comfort food and community!

Our Mission: Scoups is dedicated to excellence, community, and family. We guarantee the highest level of satisfaction with a focus on positive customer service, a safe and fun environment, and great quality food. We hope to encourage words of kindness, and a positive attitude within our community by offering a delicious common ground; comfort food.  

Scoups, is a top-quality dessert establishment that offers a light meal. We will serve ice cream, sorbet, sundae’s and milkshakes. We will offer freshly-baked items, and will serve quality soup and salad. Scoups will offer the town of Carson City a family friendly establishment, with service, that will surpass the expectations of the patrons.

Scoups Beginnings

Commit to your dreams!

Scoups began as a dream of founder, Kimberly Landry, many years back. It was after a trip to the opening of the McPhaddon Plaza with her husband/co-founder Geoff Landry and their grandson to give her the jump start she needed to make her dream a reality.  Kimberly knew this plaza was the future location of Scoups: Ice Cream and Soup Bar. 

It has been a dream for many years to own a business that could bring positive attributes to the community of Carson City.  The owners of Scoups thought an ice cream and soup bar would be just the right endeavor.  Scoups plans to not only offer quality service, food, and desserts, but to also bring fun activities to Carson City.  Scoups wants to encourage education among our youth and will offer incentives to the students of Carson who achieve academic success.